winter's homepage

i'm winter! and this is my web homepage!

more specifically, i'm a trans non-binary girlentity of some sort (also a cat and a protogen*), living in england, that spends too much time online

some of my interests include: making computers do what i want, listening to copious amounts of music, creating music (and then listening to it), being a silly little creature, and meowing at unsuspecting victims :3

you might like to visit my 88x31 button collection

this homepage (and any other future pages here that look similar to it) is generated from hand-coded xml, using a hand-coded xslt stylesheet, and formatted using hand-coded css! i don't like to use bloated web technologies. php is about as complicated as anything i write will get

speaking of php, here's some of my interactive php services:

you can also download this website's source code

*apparently there's some kind of "restrictions" on the protogen/primagen species and to those (and anyone trying to enforce them) i say: fuck you :3

“awawa” — winter MMXXIV